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About Us

mid atlantic market logoMid-Atlantic Market is an upscale small marketplace with an assortment of items to help you prepare a last minute meal or your favorite specialty treats! This is the place to go to get those hard to find items when you don’t have hours to spend browsing the grocery store! With its unparalleled variety and specialty items, Mid-Atlantic Market will be known for its friendly atmosphere and unique selection of goods! You will be able to get deli sandwiches, hoagies and a variety of items delivered fresh! In addition to our wonderful selection of food and drinks you will also be able to fill up your car with our world class Sunoco Fuels!



In the summer of 2010 Mid Atlantic Market was opened to provide its customers with a one stop shop for food, drink, and fuel. The “Market” as it is affectionately known by its regular patrons houses a variety of items. Many of our items are delivered fresh. This includes specialty Italian grocery items and much more. Mid Atlantic Market also features the area´s best deli. We carry meats, cheeses, and a wide selection of items by the pound including olives, peppers, cold salads, etc. We make a variety of sandwiches and hoagies, including our now famous “Italian Combo”. Our coolers are well stocked and house a wide range of drinks and specialty sodas. There is no better way to start your day than with a cup of our premium Fireside Roast Coffees in our cozy café. Morning, noon, or night, Mid Atlantic Market is here to provide its customers with quality goods and excellent service.